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The bar is high! For traders technically adept with PCs, trade platforms cloud, web & desktop systems, intermediate to advanced trading experience to meet group & quality standards:

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We’re looking for traders who can jump right in, without getting bogged down in questions, details, or the desire to alter the default settings. Our approach is all about turnkey systematic hybrid day trading, not slow and ponderous academic analysis paralysis. Keep it simple, avoid overthinking, and learn primarily through practice following the chart trade signals.

Our motto is ‘Less is more’. The less you know, the better. Think of it as a PlayStation game with a simple controller: press the green button for ‘up’ and the red button for ‘down’ when you see the corresponding signals. As you gain experience, you can introduce more controls for exits and trading management. To master the game, invest hundreds of hours into gameplay, focus on improving your technique and score, and remember that all the heavy lifting has already been done. Just get in the car, take the wheel, step on the pedals, and drive. Like a Tesla car, you can also choose levels of automation, allowing you to stay in control—this is what we call hybrid algo trading.

Trader Pre-Requisites

  1. 100% fully committed Traders only! minimum experience 2-year NinjaTrader 8 for AFT and at least 3 years live market trading futures - winning mindset!
  2. Not suitable for traders wanting to be spoon-feed, can't follow support rules, have low-tech skills high support overhead, are in a rush, or lack discipline!
  3. All traders must first learn to be real deal traders on hybrid automated systems - then can consider fully automated trading features after 3 months!
  4. Learn from the Trading system turnkey workspaces provided, trading methods & concepts, live market chart time, step by step learn the trading toolset.
  5. Attend Free discord trading group 5 stage FREE Zero to Hero Trading Course with interactive support & education direct from the trade system architect.

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ATS trading systems are for desktop, web & mobile, addins to popular futures trading platform & standalone web, cloud based proprietary trading systems
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